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Urdumaza lobby is the best Pakistani chat room portal. It is an online communication place for every decent person from the world. It is an online free place without registration.

Now everyone is busy in hustle-bustle life where we are always in a hurry and remain in the stress of our work. So this place gives you an opportunity to get some relief from your daily hectic routine. Where you can make friends with fun. People love to enjoy their free time with friends. Today’s hard life makes the chances very less. So it is Hassle-free to meet youngsters in an online chat room lobby. There are so many girls and boys seeking friendship, where they share their culture and their thoughts with each other.

It is not an ordinary dating point for a waste of time; however, on the other hand, it is a pure entertaining place where the world likes to come to make new friends. You can do fun while keeping rules in mind.

Urdu maza lobby chat room Pakistan is proudly an Urdu medium platform for the people who live abroad and in the country. There is an open meeting forum open for all. You can meet online strangers randomly to make them true friends. There is no restriction on users. You can talk as you like with all the people. The only purpose of Urdu lobby chat is to provide an entertaining platform for friendly gossip. Moreover, it is an awesome place on the internet. There is no other best place for Urdu gossip than then Urdu lobby platform.

As it is the best chatting corner, you cannot find a better time pass then talking to sweet strangers. There is a famous Urdu Maza lounge chat room in Pakistan. As many Pakistani people live abroad. So this the forum is for the Pakistani people who live in Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, USA India, you can meet a lot of girls from Lahore Karachi Quetta Islamabad Peshawar Rawalpindi Multan Faisalabad Sindh Balochistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK Punjab Gilgit Baltistan Kashmir in the chat rooms Lounge. We would like to meet people that are unlike us. It is a great experience to learn about new stuff, new people, their cultural activities.

You guys enjoy music in RJs and DJs shows on a live forum. Here you can listen to English Urdu Hindi and all kinds of music of your own choice. You can come live on the radio for voice communication by requesting the Rj. We prefer to promote new people. If you are decent you can join our web radio at any time.

The girls and boys here make sweet gossip with fun Maza. It is an Urdu voice video chatroom. We don’t believe in the message in text form. Writing great messages is fun. But we like people to do voice video conferences while talking to their friends. You can come live on the radio with your favorite DJ or RJ. In other words, Urdu Maza Lounge is just not limited to words as a gossip point. For instance, young guys have different likings for different things. So, there is a poetry novel story and drama section for different tastes of the people.

lobby members are tender, compassionate, and funny by nature. They can, therefore, become good companions. Certainly, there are many youngsters searching for friends online. It is the best chatting zone, where you can meet new people. You can make your moments extraordinarily memorable. Make unlimited friends and remain in touch while staying at home. You can join the free lobby chat room from anywhere in the world.

There are plenty of sites available to meet new people. You can share your interests anywhere, but urdumaza lobby chat room where you guys conveniently and randomly talk to other friends. we don’t require any registration or setup to join the lobby. The Administration keeps your privacy always private. We have no concern where you belong and whom you belong to.  always care about the complete privacy of our users. You can talk to anybody while remaining anonymous

Here you will meet different people from different states and cities. You can meet with them, know about their cities or state. You can share about your city or state. Here you can also meet those who belong to your city or state which makes a kind of path for you to know the people in your surroundings. The friendly environment force you to stay here for a long time People know much about lash pash gossip points. Urdumaza is a trending Urdu site.

We just invite all the friends from the globe to meet and keep in touch with each other. This chatroom provides a safe way of meeting. g. If you want to make your nick safe, so no one else is able to use it, you should register yourself through the registration, you can use different emoticons, and also your rank will be updated accordingly to your chatting hours. Here you can enjoy the music and Rjs chitchat. If you want to make any complaint then the complaint icon is also present.

If you are the kind of person who loves to make friends so you can send friend requests to the favorite ones. So how many advantages this platform is providing. Fun, music, safety, and enjoyment. The attractive emoticons enhance the beauty of the room. The show of RJ and the chitchat makes the room more enjoyable so that’s why most of our old users love to come till now. In a decent environment in which users of every age forget all of the sorrows. You can do funny chatting which makes it the family chatroom. Here all the users are equally treated in every aspect.

urdumazachat lobby

urdumaza lobby chat room

How to learn Urdu in the chat room? or Which is the best chat room for learning the Urdu language? Which is the best Urdu learning site for the foreign people?  In simple words, many people live abroad. they have less opportunity to send their siblings to educate them on their national language. Our great place emphasizes on the decent atmosphere for learning a new language. As it is always easy to learn any skill by practice. here you can practice and speak the language smoothly.  People of all age groups allowed here to learn new things. Poetry drama fiction all kind oof gossip aal bale here. you can meet here the classical speakers to find the best chatting friends.

There is good news for Indian people residing in foreign countries.  We know Hindi and Urdu are close languages. They are spoken in the same accent but written in different forms. Mostly it is hard to recognize each language text. So Indian people can also send their friends and family to urdumaza chat for the learning of Hindi. And the best of best is we enjoy the same culture as Indians. So we are always comfortable with each other while talking and meeting.

you can find hundreds of British people in chat UK lobby. because this is an open forum for the people of the globe. Urdu chat has a special spiritual and Sufi music taste. which is for better for the music lovers then the rock and roll type music.

There are some conditions to keep in mind while chatting. You must follow the rules of the Urdu Maza site. There is actually some sort of things to keep the room smooth. No doubt, It is just a gossip point, don’t take it real.

Urdu being the national language of Pakistan is vastly spoken in the country and abroad. So it is a simple way to chat with Pakistani girls and boys. The student of the universities, businessmen, lawyers, hawkers, and people of all walks know Urdu in Pakistan. There are many local languages in the country but Urdu is a common chatting language between masses. As in India, many people don’t know how to speak Hindi but in Pakistan, almost all people know how to speak Urdu.
Never share your personal contacts with others

Don’t reveal your personal information to others

It is not a marriage point, it is just a fun place, so keep yourself safe

Don’t share your mobile numbers or WhatsApp and skype to others. (it create problems for your real-life on later stages)

Don’t share your pictures with others.

If someone irritates you, just use the ignore option to block unwanted people from the message you.

Don’t spam or abuse in the room.

We are not responsible for any mistake made by you.